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White-Labeled Motivational Interviewing (Mi) Training

Customized Workforce Development for Your Team

Discover how to turn your great staff into an A-list team trained in skilled conversations proven to create sustained, lasting change.  

See how Authentic Trainings Can Support Your Team

Our motivational interviewing (MI) training has already met the needs of many organizations, including criminal justice departments, probation offices, substance use treatment centers, mental health organizations, and healthcare teams.  

Your team will learn how to hold effective conversations of change with our convenient, affordable programs.

 Participants consistently give our training five stars and report them to be practical, relatable, and immediately effective. 

Our foundational Motivational Interviewing Training is available for $135, per team member and includes four continuing education credits through the New York State Office of Additional Services and Supports (OASAS) and ASAP-NYCB. CEs are available for Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC), Credentialed Prevention Professionals (CPP), and Credentialed Prevention Specialists (CPS). 

Trust Us to Simplify Your Training Demands & Deliver Professional Development Proven to Foster Change

  • Custom Branded MI Training: Brand our training with your company name and logo to provide seamless professional development.  
  • Progress Updates & Metrics Track your staff’s progress so you know who needs extra support and when. Get pre and post test scores delivered to your inbox to measure success.   
  • Interdisciplinary Approach from Expert Educators: Your staff will get self-paced, on-demand training that includes expertly designed lessons by adult education authorities and MINT trainers with decades of experience in mental health, criminal justice, substance use disorder, and beyond.  
  • Build Confidence & Competence in MI: Your team’s training will also include demonstrations, exercises, slide decks, handouts, learning guides, and quizzes to help them integrate new skills with prior learning and experiences.  
  • Reduce Employee Burnout & Churn: Give your employees practical, evidenced-based conversation skills that decrease burnout, empathy fatigue, and turnover and lead to long-term employee satisfaction and resilience.  
  • Ease & Consistency: Standardize your organization’s culture to guarantee uniform, evidence-based care.  

MI Training is for organizations that need to:

  • Onboard new staff with fidelity to MI for a consistent agency culture 
  • Increase client engagement and retention, even with mandated individuals. 
  • Enhance internal communication for better supervisor and staff relationships. 
  • Decrease employee burnout, empathy fatigue, and turnover. 
  • Give employees practical, evidence-based conversation skills that lead to long-term satisfaction and resilience. 

It’s time that you have a resilient, unified team skilled in conversations proven to create change.

White-Labeled Motivational Interviewing Training
for Organizations

Authentic Trainings white-labeled courses offer excellence in trauma-responsive care and motivational interviewing to meet the challenges posed by the opioid crisis, PTSD, mandated individuals, and growing caseload demands.  

We train professionals in SUDS, mental health, healthcare, human services, the criminal justice system, and beyond. Our customized training solutions provide high-quality, uniform training across staffing to ensure consistent care that delivers results.  

Offer the newest Motivational Interviewing training, branded with your name and logo. Your staff will learn to have conversations that forge trust, foster motivation, and fuel change and growth.  

This on-demand training happens at the convenience of your staff and your training schedule. It comes with pre and post test results delivered to your training director’s inbox to monitor progress easily.  

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NY Office of Employee Relations

Not sure if white-labled Motivational Interviewing Training is what your team needs?

  • Need help changing your organizational culture? This Motivational Interviewing training is what you need to align your team while also improving internal communication.  
  • Need to monitor staff training and performance? Get pre and post tests and progress reports delivered to your inbox.  
  • Need to combat employee churn? Give them the self-care and resiliency-building tools of MI to help them rekindle joy and satisfaction in their career.  
  • Need to improve client outcomes? Over 40 years of research and 1,800 clinical trials show that MI gets better results and outcomes than standard alternatives—even with complex cases and mandated clients.  
  • Need to refresh your staff’s MI Skills? This MI Training is based on the latest edition of Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change and Grow and addresses the application of MI across fields, including healthcare, education, mental health, social services, criminal justice, restorative justice, and anywhere conversations of change take place. 


Ask Us Anything

Authentic Trainings offers practical, relatable training so organization can grow resilient, unified team with proven track records.

Our on-demand, asynchronous training makes changing organizational culture and training new and experienced staff easy. Progress reports are delivered to your training supervisor’s inbox.  

Optional, in-person, and train-the-trainer options ensure long-term, sustained success.

Yes. Contact us for pricing options 

Inside the course, your staff will find various accommodations, including video lessons with transcripts, hands-on exercises, skills demonstrations, learning guides, and quizzes.   

We are committed to accessibility for all students and welcome additional accommodation requests.  

Once you purchase your white-labeled training, you can register and pay for your staffs individual training. Each newly registered staff member will be sent a welcome email with all the information they need to start immediately. They can complete the training according to your schedule. 

Authentic Trainings is a team of Motivational Interviewing experts and Trauma-Responsive Care experts, some of whom have decades of clinical experience working with people in treatment and recovery. We are trusted authorities in client engagement and retention with advanced training in adult education. 

Our team has worked in the trenches and understands the challenges today’s workforce faces with the opioid epidemic, traumatic events, mandated individuals, and growing caseload demands. 

We specialize in advanced training to improve the skills of your existing workforce, evidence-based models proven to be effective, and mindfulness tools to reduce vicarious trauma and burnout in your organization. 

Learn more about our team here 


Once your staff understands how to foster conversations of change and have the tools to motivate their clients, they can use their new skills quickly.  

Authentic Trainings focuses on what’s practical and relatable. Our curriculum is expertly designed to bridge prior learning and experiences with new knowledge and skills.  

Our training provides a multidisciplinary approach. Our instructors are adult education authorities and MINT trainers with decades of experience in mental health, criminal justice, substance use disorder, and beyond. 

The training comes complete with demonstrations, exercises, slide decks, printable handouts and learning guides. 

Your staff will have one year of access to the content once they start the training. 

Yes. We offer CEs to Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC), Credentialed Prevention Professionals (CPP), and Credentialed Prevention Specialists (CPS). 

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